Do I Matter

Its 540 in the morning Im woken yet again by the pain and sitting here thinking about things. I found yesterday was an interesting day I sat in Nero’s the coffee house in reading sipping my coffee when I noticed a few customers I looked at avoiding my look. I have seen this a few times since my legs started to fail but never really paid to much attention to it. But I sit here now asking myself am I a freak or deformed have I got a dreaded disease that they scared of catching or my be they think i am a serial killer and hunting them.

The truth is none of the above I am a happy well adjusted male or as well adjusted as anyone can be. The problem does not lay with me but rather there perception of me. You hear the saying disabled are normal as well ascare in the community and all the spin. But then it was only 50 years or so ago we were locked in hospitals, homes or hidden from sight and us having kids was an unthinkable sin.

Can I or any one really be surprised that even in this day and age that the old discrimination and feelings are still there like they are wired into our genetics. I wheel down the road in my scooter and chair and still get kids calling names out the car windows or on the street and do there parents correct them no. Some times you actually here the parents laughing at kids comments.

I am a published author I served a short term in the British military and I have a reputable job. Before the legs started to fail I even worked in a hospital helping others and now i find that none of this matters and a minor infliction denotes who I am.

Is it not time that the world see past all this preconception and let past views die and realise that us disabled members of society do lead productive lives. Judges politicians and many other walks of life we strive to lead lives same as able bodied in fact in america they once had a president who was in a chair.

Criminals who commit crimes have an easier life and accepted more into society than us. Yet we have done no wrong other than ending up this way and for most of us it not our fault its fate playing its game on us.

So I say to all able bodied persons think and see the human who is really there because one day it could be you in the chair or lose part of you and how would you want to be seen.

See whats in front of your eyes not what society has programmed into you…



Published by: jagreen69

 I’m a former IT Consultant and farther based in the rural area of West Berkshire. Since January 2013 my life has taken an extraordinary turn when i started to lose my legs and had to rework my life. From an early age I had always had a dream of writing stories that readers would be intrigued  by – and my dreams have come true, thanks to you loyal readers. Now that I have adjusted to my new life in a chair and life seems to  settled and stabilized a little, I want to crack on and write my next book – another dark deep extremely mature and disturbing . I do hope you will enjoy that too and one day I will let you all know which parts are fact and which are fiction as in my book are buried the truth. Thank you for your support. It has helped me through hard times and has meant the world  to me. If any one were to ask me for my thoughts about this whole experience, I would say: my readers are my life blood and they have kept me going where life wanted me to give up, For that I thank all of you and to me every reader is special. JG May 2017

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