I woke this morning as the agony racked my bones and in a pre painkiller condition I laid there not daring to move my legs as I reached out to take my pain killers. I know some of you against the continual use of pain killer from the private emails I know you think there addictive or long term is harmful. Try waking in agony every day of your life then see if side effects matter to you.

Out side I could hear the rain beating against the window and all I could think of was oh god rain again. To an able bodied person rain is not to much of an issue but to us wheel chair users who are no longer allowed to drive major issues.

I had to go grab some shopping which I did and most of you think well use the bus WRONG the busses only have one space for a wheel chair and you can wait six or seven busses to get on. All through the journey you get mothers winging because other mothers couldn’t get on with buggy’s because of you. Is that our fault NO.

But rainy days because of the one chair policy forget the busses. Then you have taxis that charge double for wheel chairs but if an able body person takes one its half the price. Is this exploit the ones who got no choice. Town and back in a taxi is around thirty six bound able bodied can get both ways for less than fifteen. So we ruled out busses and taxis are expensive.

Im lucky I have a mobility scooter that is road worth but in the bad rain it not to safe but what other choice Have I if I tried wheel in the three miles as I have done a few times before I would end up more soaked to the bone and catch another bug that if like last time is to go by can be near fatal.

Water proofing on scooter heavy jacket for top half and off we go I thought about water proofs but really trying get them on and of my legs is a near impossible act unless someone there to help. Does anyone fancy having sit in water proofs all day.

So now i am stuck 20 min drive in the pouring rain yes a pleasant journey and fun but should I have had to risk the wet and cold. If the buss company made room for one or two more chairs then six or seven bus wait wouldn’t of been necessary.

You speak to bus company and they say oh you can take scooter on bus Yea Right what a laugh. Nearly every driver I have tried too get on there bus with a scooter says sorry I dont allow scooter you point out to them reading busses says you can the reply is until i am told its a no. You tell reading busses and they say they will sort it and do they ever sort it no they dont.

Its nearly as bad as reading borough council and pavements last year I came out chair because bad pavement reported it and it was sorry nothing we can do we dont own land yet through research I have found they have the ability to enforce safety but they choose not to because of the cost. They rather let us get injured or worse then spend a few pound to enforce the rules. I got an able bodied person to look at the pavement in question on basinstoke road out side a shopping present and they were shocked put holes that a chair would get stuck in everywhere so much for disable safety.

Some of you may thing all I do is complain but the truth is I only give the truth and I hate the thought of other suffering for no need. It seems like money is important and as I put in the past we are third class so why do we matter. But on a plus I got praise Morrison and sainsburys stores they are totally helpful and go above and beyond to help disabled. If they see you trying get something of shelf they will stop where there doing and come and help even offer to help pack your bags. Not like asda who’s staff look at you and carry on chatting or act like you dont exist or dirt on their feet. Asda has the worse customer care for the disabled I know in reading followed by tesco who I can honestly say both lost my custom. Claus orison in reading town centre the assistants are fantastic but the male supervisor well lets just say the other week I saw him reduce a girl sales assistant to tears. I have never seen such a display of bad staff management in my life as well as there lay out in the store in a scooter or chair things are lain out and many times I get stuck in a isle or cant get what I want because supervisors hasn’t but things in a way so that the disable cant get past. Ironically the female supervisors in the store are helpful friendly and try to do there best for you the complete reverse of the males.

So I am left to ask is this a male thing and guess what that male supervisor in the store looks like he wasn’t punished and was still there going on about his usual business. So much for their abuse policies as most places I know reducing a member of staff to tears would be an instant dismiss offence in that store it seems a let forgive and forget policy. If your disabled and got no choice shop there but deal with the female staff members or should I say older female members as the young ones can be to busy flirting with the males in the store of gossiping.

So that my blog for today and I will be back again latter or tomorrow have a good day……


Published by: jagreen69

 I’m a former IT Consultant and farther based in the rural area of West Berkshire. Since January 2013 my life has taken an extraordinary turn when i started to lose my legs and had to rework my life. From an early age I had always had a dream of writing stories that readers would be intrigued  by – and my dreams have come true, thanks to you loyal readers. Now that I have adjusted to my new life in a chair and life seems to  settled and stabilized a little, I want to crack on and write my next book – another dark deep extremely mature and disturbing . I do hope you will enjoy that too and one day I will let you all know which parts are fact and which are fiction as in my book are buried the truth. Thank you for your support. It has helped me through hard times and has meant the world  to me. If any one were to ask me for my thoughts about this whole experience, I would say: my readers are my life blood and they have kept me going where life wanted me to give up, For that I thank all of you and to me every reader is special. JG May 2017

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