Unknown Realities

After my blog yesterday I started thinking about what the real difference between able bodied and the disabled. The perception of reality is the main difference we seem to see the world in two different ways.  Be fore I was disabled I remember to me everything in the world seemed to bother me where would I work what would I do what did I want.

But since I have become disabled everything changed and I can honestly say I am happier which seems weird because I have so much less to be happy with. But what made me this way is the fact that all my old realities were torn down. As my body failed and I had to rewrite who I was all my old worries seemed trivial.

I fight the pain every morning from when I wake I fight to get from A to B even  the tiniest thing like getting up a set of stairs is now a challenge. Do not get me wrong I as many other disabled persons do get dark days and they are darker than you can imagine. Its when the darkness grips your very soul and drags you to a place where no light can go. most of us can drag our selves out of this and back to true reality but sadly there will always be some who cant those empty faces you see in nursing homes or the asylums wards. We would not be human if we didnt have chance for darkness to creep in.

The main difference is the way we perceive others and how they effect us. Before this i used to want to be liked I wanted women to fall for me and for me to be able to get anything I want. But now I have watched loads of so called friends vanish from my life the women who once enjoyed flirting round me has vanished even the big job offers have faded into history. Any one who says being disabled wont change anything must be able bodied or talking rubbish.

But it changes things for the better not the worse. The friends that stay are your real Friends the women who want you to date them are the real thing. If they can look past the disability and see whats inside then they are real. Job offers are the same as well if they willing to employ you as a disabled person then they are taking the risk on you and I found every employee I have had since disability has been good to me.

Your asking your self what is the reason of my blog today its simple the fact is being disabled is not a bad thing it gives you a new perception and all the illusions that the able body persons have we do not. We get to see things in a new way our wants and desires change.

A chair is a physical prison but mentally it can be a unknown or unwanted new form of freedom.

So If your Newly disabled just remember this isn’t the end of your life its the beginning of a new ans possibly better life.



Published by: jagreen69

 I’m a former IT Consultant and farther based in the rural area of West Berkshire. Since January 2013 my life has taken an extraordinary turn when i started to lose my legs and had to rework my life. From an early age I had always had a dream of writing stories that readers would be intrigued  by – and my dreams have come true, thanks to you loyal readers. Now that I have adjusted to my new life in a chair and life seems to  settled and stabilized a little, I want to crack on and write my next book – another dark deep extremely mature and disturbing . I do hope you will enjoy that too and one day I will let you all know which parts are fact and which are fiction as in my book are buried the truth. Thank you for your support. It has helped me through hard times and has meant the world  to me. If any one were to ask me for my thoughts about this whole experience, I would say: my readers are my life blood and they have kept me going where life wanted me to give up, For that I thank all of you and to me every reader is special. JG May 2017

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