INSANITY the first book released by jason green in may 2013.

Insanity is a fictional account of a man’s travel from normality into the darkest reaches of his mind to the point when the insanity started to take a Grip. We travel in this short story down a one-way path delving deeper and deeper into a darkness that engulfs and smothers all. The death of a brother Brings a traumatic change in his life that opens doors that best not be opened. Then the final event the mugging, any or all of these events could be the starting event. However, Could this all be coincidence could there be other reasons. In sanity sets the seen for the series and even after reading it all may not be what it seems as future Insanity story’s will tell. The Journey Begins…


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Memoirs of INSANITY the second book by Jason green released in 2014.

Memoirs of insanity could be said to be the prequel to the Insanity series as the story contained in it is the inspiration behind the insanity series. A memoir of insanity covers the journey a man takes from childhood and all the events and darkness that builds up to create who he becomes. Follow him through all the trials and interesting situations he experiences on his journey,

This book is based on a true set of diaries and can contain a few things that is not be for all readers and definitely not for the young.

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