The week begins

Well I woke up today same as every days legs in agony and rest of pains. But then whats new it seems like pain will be my life time companion. Spoke to banks and DWP today got the usual spin it will be done when its done.

There delay has already lost me a scooter because while I was waiting for pip which I was paying it off with my dla. The delay meant the account defaulted. Like they have a heart or care. But enough of depressing things.

I think this week i am going to try to be positive and I been thinking about a subset to my blog. Since I have been in a wheel chair I have found it a nightmare to get in or around some places. So as from this week there will be a new category in my blog called disabled friendly in which I will start to review places for if they are disabled friendly.

The first place I will say defiantly has disabled issues is the royal mail sorting office in reading. To get there I had to wheel may chair along the main road. Twice just missed by cars. Getting out of their was just as much a challenge, The collection area corridor is so small if theirs a few customers waiting you have to sit on a ramp in your chair.  The staff try to help the best they can and try not to leave you waiting. But I would say is if they were to make entry easier then it would be a safer experience.

So I have to say 8 out of 20 score.

So now the week has begun I am off into town to Nero’s and a bit of shopping so expect my next post real soon.

If I do not Hear From you have a good week…



Time to give back

I was one of the lucky ones I wasn’t born disabled and had a long life before it crept up on me through a mugging then joint degeneration I have been left as I am now a disabled person.

Through my time as a disabled person I have faced so many adversity the governmental system. Then the able body persons who try not to see me or admit I now exist even friends or so called friends I known all my life dispersed or forgot I exist.



This is me as I am now or


We are human we have feelings and we do feel the pain of rejection or adversity.

I have now decided its time to help others like me and work on giving back to the world.

Using this project I will be trying to set up a diversity group to aid other disabled writers, students and those in academia. Its time that we were seen as equals and no longer as the third class in society.

We have a voice and its now time to be heard….  

Third Class because disabled

In a day and age where the world should have advanced we are sadly lacking. Most disabled persons I know hold down jobs and do everything to pay there own way as much as they can.  Sure because of the added expense we do need pip but then over the years most of us had payed in before we became disabled or our families have.

But to my point of todays blog, I was out shopping today and I noticed how two kids were pointing at me. There parents saw them pointing looked at me then quickly pulled the kids away. Am I am I deformed or a monster no. Yet that man and women avoided eye contact and couldn’t of moved away faster.  Maybe they would been happier if it was the good old days where family’s hid the disabled or they were locked away in hospitals or asylums.

I as well as others tried to serve my country I worked hard all my life. Yet we have comments from abled body persons thinking we don’t hear like dole plungers, social security burden or best one is scrounger. I as so many others unlike a lot of able body persons like to work. I work in an education establishment and am a writer and published author.

Yet to the government system I and many others have had to fight for the little help we deserve. We get made to feel like cheats liars. Personal independent allowance is an uphill battle first we have to attend atop for an assessment where others as well as my self find that they do incorrect evaluations which the dap use to assessed your claim.

Do they care about the financial hardship caused as they politely put not there problem. you lose working tax rent community charge benefit free prescriptions. Your bus pass goes and if scooters on finance or on mobility scheme you lose the to. Not wonder suicides has happened by some disabled during this process.

November 2016 it all started were in July 2017 and finally had my tribunal which I was pleasantly surprised hoe polite and caring the judge doctor and disabled person was they  listened read the evidence and judged fairly. Unlike atom they listened. Atos did my assessment December I sent the travel claim in twice since yet to hear complained about the untruths in there reports and guess what no records of the complaint.

So to cut the story short the system is now geared not to help us disabled but instead to reduced claims by 500,000 leaving the disabled in some situations where they can have there lives devastated and not worrying about the effects on disability or health the government seems to have decided to recover there losses from those who find it hardest to fight back.

I SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH its time we told the powers that us disabled have a voice and we will no longer be walked over. Its time we the disabled got the compassionate and caring attitude that in public the powers at be promises instead of as it is at the moment the knife in the back we all have been getting.

What am I  


Am I disabled yes, am I human yes. So why do so many act like I’m am invisible or avoid me. If you hurt me do I not feel pain if you prick me do I not bleed.
So with that in mind why do me and many other disabled persons become invisible. We wheel ourselves in our chairs and drive in our scooters and normal persons walk round us while trying their hardest not to look at us or then the ones who walk into us and come out with comments like we should have moved out of there way first. Or as I experienced the one’s who say “art you going thank me I didn’t have to move” You know we are in chairs your on legs do the maths.
This world seems to in public promote care to disabled to but in reality that’s far from the case. The government set up pip and I personally know a lot of cases where disabled have been declined. But then if your a drunk or an addict you can get it. When queried your told its an illness.  does that mean we all have to drink or take drugs to get the little we need for a normal life.
Then you got employment the your disabled guarantied interview the government spouts out about that’s fantasy. Amount of jobs I applied for and in the interview you get can you do this can you do that though your disabled or the best one is sorry you wont be able do the job as required. Well my legs might not work as well but my brain does.
So I’m left asking my self has much changed for us since the days they used to lock us away. We have been promised so much over the years and now it seems we are to be used to save money.
All I can say if your disabled like myself enough is enough its time we had our say and got our views across. We have been made to be third class long enough.