The Author



Writing about myself is a lot harder than writing about my characters and their lives. Mine is nowhere as exciting . . . wait. I take that back, because it is!

No, I don’t have a job like a fire  fighter, policeman or soldier, but I make my living doing exactly what I want to do. I write.

Though it wasn’t always so . . .

I often read or hear about authors who knew they were meant to tell stories from the time they could first walk. Me? I didn’t decide what I wanted to be an Author till I was late in life.

Thinking back now, It was inevitable that I would be a writer, when was younger I used to love telling my adventures to my brothers sisters and cousins. Spending hours talking while they was held by every word.

Like so many other authors, I was a voracious reader from day one, devouring everything from Dune to Color of Magic, which I remember sitting  on the kitchen floor to read while my brothers and sisters run around..

I moved around and traveled and followed a few careers till eventually I became Disabled and my children and family said was time for me to rest.

Why write Dark Fiction? Because I love Dark stories they have always been a inspiration to my imagination.

Even more so, it’s because I love writing Dark  plots. The type of plot that sweep of shocked readers off their feet – not to mention other authors, too!.

I spent many a happy hour working on the insanity series of books and still am even though working on other types to.

Jason was born in Reading, Berkshire at the beginning of May 1972. As the second-born of six children, Due to the Death of his older  Brother Jason spent his early adult years traveling and exploring the world around him.

In recent times due to illness and disability, he had been forced to restructure his career path.   No longer able to follow his existing  career as an Information system Consultant, he decided to embark on a new challenge. From a childhood age, he loved books and  dreamed of being able to write them. With the aid of the Open University and there disability department this dream has become a  reality

Jason’s debut in writing came with his first book, Insanity, which he has turned into a series with the second book of the Insanity series   Memoirs of insanity, which was published by Gingernut Books in 2014.  After a few initial rejections to his work, Jason is now in full flow and has more time to play on Twitter, and write.


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